Travel to Italy. Bari and Alberobello.

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We offer you fantastic trip to Italy, where you can visit 2 nice cities: Bari and Alberobello. No wonder Bari is considered as one of the main centers pilgrimage in Europe. Over there we will visit the church of Saint Nicolas, who lived in 4th century, Archbishop of Myra, whose myrrh-streaming relics rest in the Basilica, where the flow of pilgrims does not stop to venerate the Shrine and get a drop of miraculous myrrh. Saint Nicolas is considered as one of the most revered Saints in the world.

At the end of the prayer you will have lunch.

After that we will go to the unique town called Alberobello, where you are going to see unusual, with conical roofs, fabulous houses- Trulli (Trulli are in UNESCO heritage site). Those low houses look like little gnomes home. In many of them are small shops and taverns opened nowadays, where you can buy authentic souvenirs and gifts. The history of Trulli houses and all that part of Italy you will know during your trip there. As you return back to Bari, you will have boarding on the ferry and hot dinner.

Pick-up time is an advance .

You will get all proper information from your guide.

In case of refusal before 2 days before the excursion, the customer  will get 100% payment back; before 1 day -50%; less than one day -0%.

Trips payed with any discount are non -refundable !!!

Я текстовый блок. Нажмите кнопку редактирования, чтобы изменить этот текст. Разнообразный и богатый опыт постоянный количественный рост и сфера нашей активности требуют от нас анализа позиций.

Tour price includes:

– the guide;

– all transfers both ways;

– lunch and dinner;

– all the tickets.

We recommend you to have comfortable shoes. While visiting churches and monasteries follow, please, the rules of dress -code: long trousers, long shorts and closed shoulders, for women -long skirts and closed shoulders.

The order of visiting sightseeing depends on the weather and traffic and can be changed!

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